There is one thing you only get one chance to make, and that's a first impression. So when it comes to thinking up the perfect design for your new medical or dental clinic fit-out, making not only a first but a lasting impression that leads to true patient satisfaction should be your first and foremost consideration.

Patient satisfaction starts to matter as soon as the front door is opened. Things as simple as furniture, a dated décor and dark and drab surroundings are already beginning to have a major impact on how a patient perceives the quality of their care - even before they have proceeded beyond the waiting room.


In short, patient satisfaction is not just important, it is everything. Put simply, it is a key measure of the quality of the care received and the success of the clinic from top to bottom, translating directly to better outcomes for everyone.


The Journal of Hospital Medicine (|105214250) recently published a report that showed how a good impression of the design of a healthcare clinic reflects directly on patient satisfaction, even in areas where not much else has changed.

As the figures show, improvements in things like noise level (20%), the pleasantness of décor (33%) and visitor comfort (20%) resulted directly in better patient satisfaction, and an increase in recommendations of the clinic by these satisfied customers to their friends and family.

In short, health and dental care are basically two things: the people and the environment. So when it comes to thinking about the ideal fit-out, here are some other things to consider:

  • Patient-focused rooms that use space effectively, for both patients and family
  • An interior design that reduces patient anxiety
  • Spaces that are predictable and efficient so that staff can work effectively
  • Simple and logical layout that makes navigation easy, and stress-free
  • A layout that minimises the risk of injury and is easy to keep clean and hygienic
  • Colours and fittings that are contemporary, functional, appropriate and relaxing, taking into consideration the presence of young patients
  • The incorporation of natural lighting for its soothing benefits.

So, to transform your dental clinic, and therefore boost your patient satisfaction levels, contact Dentpro today to see how we can help with your dental fit-out in Perth.