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Why you need to think about a clinic fit out

Friday, September 30, 2016

Even if your clinic works well for your patients and staff and is turning a profit, it could still benefit from a new dental or medical fit out. Like many industries, health care is constantly evolving - and more so in today's fast-paced world than ever.

Keep up with now

Keeping up with a changing world and industry is not the only reason you need to also keep up when it comes to renovations or thinking about a total medical or dental fit out. Research has shown that errors in health care clinics reduce by as much as 30 per cent when rooms are better laid out, designed with noise level reduction in mind, and better organised. Not only that: overheads can drop dramatically if the space is optimised for how it is used now, not how it was used when it was designed.

The future

If the world of today can be summed up, 'technology' would be the buzzword, so if your health care fit out is not designed around the latest and greatest, you are simply missing out on efficiency.

But another consideration is the future. 'Future proofing' your health care clinic means thinking about what it might look like in the future, bearing in mind that technology will continue to evolve and new equipment and methods will undoubtedly be adopted.

A great medical or dental fit out will therefore not only think about now, but build in thinking about a longer term plan. Is it able to accommodate growth, such as the addition of services, and the easy addition of more staff?

How else can a fit out breathe new life into your clinic?

1. Stand out

Health care is rapidly growing and therefore highly competitive, so a superior fit out will make a bold statement about your services and be a prominent point of difference that could drive patients to you.

2. Atmosphere

An appropriate atmosphere in your clinic means happier and more productive staff, more relaxed patients and a great image through contemporary furnishings.

3. Maximise your potential

You acquired your space because of its potential, so ensure your fit out makes the most of it. Experts in medical and dental fit outs can advise as to whether grand, spacious rooms or smaller rooms, that mean more patients and services can be offered, are right for you.

Does your clinic need a breath of fresh air? Contact us today to see how we can help you.