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Things to consider when starting your first clinic

Friday, September 16, 2016

Starting a healthcare clinic is a big decision, but one that can be very rewarding if done right.

Although medical and dental clinics are all different in their specifics and particular challenges, many will agree that one important element is the people.

But patients and staff are not everything: there is also the business structure and financial performance, the processes and operational efficiency, and the effectiveness of the provision of great health care.

Here are a few considerations to bear in mind:

Start new or buy?

Taking on an existing clinic can mean you will need greater access to cash flow, time and other resources, because buying or joining an established clinic can mean you take on all of its responsibilities, while already having a strong patient demand.

Starting a completely new practice can mean full freedom to build a practice that is unique and reflects your style, while avoiding the pitfalls of buying into existing methods and staff that are resistant to change.

Location, location, location

That old real estate mantra rings true for your new health clinic as well, and the best location is somewhere highly visible, trafficked, and not too close to your competition. But it's not all about what works best for the business in terms of demographics and local infrastructure. You may have a partner in employment or kids at school, so it's crucial to balance all of your needs, because being in business is a long, hard road and a true lifestyle.

A great medical or dental fitout

Once you have that great location and all the council approval, registrations and things like insurance all taken care of, it's about making sure the clinic itself is as good as it can be. And there are plenty of questions to ask yourself.

How can it be more convenient, in terms of access and parking? How can I make patients and staff more comfortable and confident, in terms of equipment, interior design, colours, layout and even details like acoustics? How can I ensure that, as the business grows, the location and dental or medical fitout allows that to happen seamlessly, in terms of potentially building or renovating?

A business plan

Never forget that, to survive, your business needs to thrive. So you will need a well thought-out business, marketing and branding plan, as well as a plan for business growth both in the short and longer term. How do your services differ or stand out from the competition?

If you need help or advice contact us and we'll be glad to offer our experience and expertise.