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Refurbishing an old space vs new constructions

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Do you have a new dental clinic that you’re looking to refurbish? Perhaps you’ve just moved in and the facility is in desperate need of an upgrade. Or maybe the clinic has already been your business’ building for a decade but it needs a revamp. Or perhaps you are considering building an entirely new clinic altogether.

Whatever the case might be for your clinic, we have come up with considerations you need to think about before choosing to refurbish an old space or build a new construction, so you can understand what is best for you and your business.

Think about the expense

If you want major structural changes made to your building, such as re-plumbing work in your clinic’s bathroom, or walls taken out, this can be expensive and perhaps a new build would be better. However, if you simply want to jazz up your existing facility with new carpets and paint, a refurbishment will certainly be cheaper than starting from scratch.

Consider how old the building is

If your building is relatively new, don’t move out into a newer one, as it probably only needs a few tweaks before it becomes like new once more. Even if it is older, don’t overlook a refurbishment, as a good renovation can really emphasise the beautiful old character of your clinic.

Don’t forget about location

Do you love the location of your clinic? If you do, and you’ve managed to secure it for a reasonable price, then you really shouldn’t go looking for somewhere new. It’s better to stay in an established area and redo the interior design of your clinic than to move to a new location and expect all your patients to move with you.

Think about the costs involved

If you are considering moving somewhere new, make sure you budget for all the changes involved in the running of the new clinic. Will the building be more energy efficient or less so? Will your patients still have free parking on the premises? How expensive are the rates in the area? The more you research about the new location, the less likely that you’ll have any nasty unforeseen costs reveal themselves at a later date.

Whether you've have decided to take the fit out route or the new build, do not hesitate to contact us for advice – we will be happy to assist.