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Future-proofing your clinic

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

One of the most difficult considerations when you are considering the fit-out of your medical or dental clinic is not what you will need today, but how your business will need to look into the future.

Of course, the design, construction, renovation and interior design of your clinic needs to suit your patients, staff and business needs today. But because there are fixed parameters like physical size, not to mention that it's a huge investment in an ever more competitive business world, your fit-out also needs to be 'future proof'.

What does 'future proofing' mean?

Unfortunately, future proofing is not always easy - because there are no crystal balls. So it requires some deep thinking.

In a nutshell, future proofing is thinking about what you have and need now, and making sure that it is easily adaptable to what you may need in the future.

In the medical and dental world, the really big consideration when it comes to future proofing your clinic is technology.

Prepare for the technology of tomorrow

If the last few decades can be summed up, 'technology' would be the buzzword. So it's crucial that your fit-out and clinic are designed around all of the latest and greatest that technology and equipment has to offer today.

But you also need to bear in mind that technology will continue to race ahead at the same pace - and this race will probably only get even faster. So as new equipment evolves and is innovated, staff and business methods will surely also change.

Future proofing is the long-term plan

'Future proofing' is therefore the long-term plan for your dental or medical fit-out. What you plan for today will also need to accommodate business growth and the expansion of services, patients and staff, and the rapid expansion of technologies that don't yet exist.

As the industry and the world changes, everything else does too - like patient needs. So to continue to be relevant and to meet evolving needs, a clinic operator must have thought about the fit-out's capacity to quickly adapt.

Your clinic may need more storage space; a more accommodating waiting and reception area; and many other considerations that professional fit-out specialists like Dentpro are experienced at advising on.