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Colour considerations for your Healthcare Fit Out

Friday, July 29, 2016

When it comes to planning the perfect fit out for your medical or dental practice, there are so many things to take into consideration. These include the efficiency of the business, the productivity of the staff, and the enhancing of your brand and reputation. But above all else, when it comes to the interior design of your healthcare facility, patient outcomes and comfort should be the first and foremost concern.

One way to put your patients at ease is simple and often underestimated: colour. The right colours will not only look great and complement the design of your facility, but they will contribute to putting your patients at ease and on the right foot for the healing process. Here are some tips.

1 - Avoid OVERLY bright colours

They may be the latest trend and look great in your home, but bright colours in patient rooms are not a good idea. Bold and bright colours can not only be distracting, they can actually agitate - and that's exactly the opposite of what you should be trying to achieve.

On the other hand, brightening up the room and the mood of a patient's room that is specifically for children can be a great idea, as a happy child is a better patient. Go for soft, cheery yellows, or even a warm pink to keep spirits high.

2 - Opt for warm and cool

It sounds contradictory, but a balance of warm and cool colours can be the key to patient comfort. Cool colours, including the more pastel shades of blue and green, are known for their calming and tranquil qualities, but too cool can be cold.

A balance, therefore, with warmer colours including subtle beiges and wooden tones can create the atmosphere you are seeking. Remember to avoid the more extreme shades of the warm range, such as bold and alarming reds and oranges, which can drive up anxiety, heart rates and blood pressure, which you don't want when it comes to patient comfort.

3 - The colours of nature

The healing and relaxation benefits of nature are well known. So, for the actual design of your healthcare facility, think about incorporating as much natural daylight as possible and then keep your mind on nature. The calming blues of water, the subtle hues of leaves and the warmth of woody colours can bring the benefits of the great outdoors into your facility through colours, furniture and artwork. Bring nature's real colour into your practice for a finishing touch, by adding some gorgeous houseplants to pull the palette together.

Dentpro’s experienced interior designers will help you choose a colour palette that fits with your patient demographic.