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Choosing the right surface finishes - floors, walls, furniture

Friday, September 23, 2016

Having the right interior design concept is essential to your medical fitout, because it differentiates you from your competitors and is synonymous with the standard of service you provide. While you can have the most amazing medical fitout, without the right interior styling, you're stopping yourself from making the most of the money you've already spent on your new installation.

The main elements of your interior design are the floors, walls and furniture. By spending the time to select the right surface finishes, that not only complement the style of your medical fit out, but are also designed for strength and durability, you can save yourself added expense in the future.

What type of flooring is suitable for medical clinics?

While reception and consultation rooms can be carpeted or covered in a range of flooring options, the flooring used in the treatment rooms of medical clinics needs to be hygienic and easy to clean. Vinyl and epoxy flooring is generally the best option for treatment rooms, as these flooring alternatives can be cleaned and sterilised quickly. When choosing the colour of flooring for your medical fitout, neutral tones are a good choice as these don't date.

Tips for selecting the surface finish of your walls

When choosing the surface finish of your medical fitout, longevity and resilience to wear-and-tear are crucial elements that should be taken into consideration. Paint is often a good choice of surface finish, as it can be cleaned without much difficulty, unlike wallpaper. The colour palette you use is generally determined by the type of clinic you're setting up and the patients you'll be seeing. For example, if you are opening an antenatal clinic, you might choose brighter colours as you'll be seeing mothers and babies.

How to select furniture for your medical fitout

It's important to source furniture for your medical fitout that suits the design of your clinic, while also being durable, so it will age well, even with regular use.

Dentpro can create an interior design concept to perfectly complement the style of your medical fitout. Contact our friendly team today for assistance.