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3 Considerations for your healthcare fit out

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

If you are contemplating a whole new layout for your healthcare space, there are plenty of ways a company like Dentpro will think about how the functionality, efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your dental or medical practice can be enhanced.

Wondering what some of those considerations might look like in practice? We give you a few gems of insight.

1 - The importance of the waiting room

Any health space must be practical and welcoming, not just for your staff but for - of course - your patients. And what is the first thing they will see and the place they may spend a reasonable amount of time in? The waiting room.

Not only will your patient want to feel comfortable and easily able to pass some time whilst waiting to be seen, you will want them to get a good first impression of your practice and the quality of its facilities. From the entrance, there should be a clear, logical and visible path to the reception desk, and the waiting room should accommodate both the needs of adults and children.

2 - It's all about 'flow'

In the design of a good medical or dental fit out, the concept of human traffic 'flow' will have been considered at length. Often, poorly conceived or out-of-date layouts will result in 'traffic jams', but a good design will be able to accommodate an efficient movement of plenty of people that consciously and seamlessly flows from the entrance to the waiting room, to the dentists' rooms and back out to reception and the exit.

Good 'flow' will assist the speed and efficiency when it comes to the movement of people, leading to tiny productivity gains that all add up, whilst also easing the stress of your patients.

3 - Efficiency is important

Similarly, a well-conceived healthcare layout will focus on the productivity of staff but also allow the practice to be run as cost-effectively as possible in other ways. For instance, the dentists' rooms may be paired to share some common facilities like sinks, and multiple rooms designed in explicitly-matched 'mirror image' detail so that staff can move between rooms without becoming confused by differing layouts and procedures.

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